Outpatient Clinical Services

We offer flexible outpatient treatment services designed to meet the needs of individuals stepping down from a higher level of care.

Outpatient treatment is an ideal level of care for those who have finished a residential treatment program and seek continued support in their recovery. Our nearby outpatient center (Turnbridge Westport) incorporates comprehensive, evidence-based outpatient treatment services including individual and group therapy, CBT/DBT, family therapy, psychiatry and medication management, and medication-assisted treatment. Treatment plans are holistic, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and individualized to meet each client’s needs.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Research indicates that IOP combined with sober living increase the likelihood of long-term success. Our day & evening intensive outpatient program teaches relapse preventions skills, improves communication skills, helps to heal family relationships strained by the effects of substance abuse and develops a practical skill set to deal with cravings and triggers. IOP provides up to 18 hours each week of individual, group and family therapy. After completing the intensive outpatient program, clients often move to our outpatient program.

Outpatient Program

Our outpatient program is ideal for residents who are transitioning from IOP to a lower level of care and for those with an established period of sobriety who are seeking to reinforce their existing recovery to maintain sobriety. Groups meet for four hours per week, and activities tend to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, relationships, integration of life skills, and preventing relapse.

Individual Therapy

Clients meet one to three times per week with a therapist specializing in substance use and co-occurring disorders – ensuring core issues are identified and properly addressed. Therapeutic techniques include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • EMDR

Medication-assisted Treatment

In keeping with our philosophy of meeting clients where they are at, we offer Medication-Assisted Treatment at our clinical center:

  • Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone)
  • Vivitrol (naltrexone extended-release)

Follow the link for more information about Suboxone and sober living at Westport House.

Drug Testing & Monitoring

Psychiatry & Medication Management

Psychiatric medication management services offered at our outpatient center focus on treating addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders with medications while educating clients about addiction, mental illness, and the side effects of medications. Psychiatric and medication management services are provided by our Yale-trained Medical Director and Psychiatrist, Roger Ayres, MD, and psychiatric nurse practioner, Lori Pelosi, APRN.

Family Education

Family education helps families understand the nature of addiction, develop healthy ways to manage anxiety, learn how to grow together, and pursue personal healing.

Complementary Therapies

Effective addiction treatment should address the whole individual. A wide variety of complementary therapies are incorporated including: yoga, meditation, personal training, and more.

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