We offer three distinct sober living environments for men in early recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

At Westport House, our mission is to equip men and their families with the knowledge, resources and practical experience necessary to build a solid foundation in recovery. We are here to help you or your loved one every step of the way.


Find out why Westport House Extended Care is nationally recognized for our “gradual reintegration” approach for young men 18 – 30 who have recently completed inpatient treatment and need more support than home, school or traditional sober living can provide.


Structured Sober Living (SSL) at Westport House is designed for men of any age who are new to recovery or have struggled to maintain recovery for significant periods of time. SSL offers support, structure and accountability while residing with others in early recovery.


Our EXCEL Recovery Residences are based on the Oxford House model of democratically run, self-supporting, sober homes. Residents have access to all of the same outpatient, recreational, and support services as other residents but on an as-needed basis.

Supporting Long-Term Recovery

Individuals and family members will invariably face challenges as inpatient treatment ends and “life” begins. At Westport House, we understand how navigating living arrangements, careers, relationships, and other important areas of life can create unexpected obstacles that may threaten sobriety.

Because support in early recovery can often increase the probability of long-term success, we offer three distinct levels of sober living in Westport, Connecticut. Each environment has been carefully designed to preserve the dignity and respect for the individual while acting as a launching pad to sobriety filled with practical experience, living skills, and bonds with others in recovery.


Westport House is committed to helping you or your loved one live a healthy and fulfilling life free from drug and alcohol addiction. Call today to discuss available sober living options, schedule a tour, or speak with current residents or alumni.