A Sober Living Community

Take the Next Step in Recovery

Our sober living homes offer residents a safe, supportive home away from home as they work towards long-term recovery and independence.

Get Back On Track With Life

The right support in early recovery improves your chances for long-term success. We help you rediscover a life of purpose, meaning, and passion.

Access the Level of Care You Need

We tailor your care so you have the right clinical, recovery, and social supports to provide consistency and accountability, and promote purpose-driven recovery.

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Sober Living Dedicated to a Single Purpose

Our team has a single purpose. We help you create a meaningful life, as a part of a community of individuals dedicated to transforming their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Upscale Recovery That You Can Afford

Our sober living homes in Westport, CT, are state-of-the-art spaces. They combine style, support, and safety at a price that makes sense. This allows you to focus on your process of transformation and growth, surrounded by people who truly understand what it means to live a life of sobriety.

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