Trouble Finding Sober Living that Accepts Suboxone?

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Sober living that accepts suboxoneAre you having trouble finding sober living that accepts Suboxone? You are not alone.

There are few reputable sober living that accept Suboxone nationwide. As a leading provider of sober living services for young men, we have struggled ourselves with how to address the growing popularity of Suboxone as a long-term solution to opioid addiction.

Effective Medication-Assisted Treatment with Suboxone

Our sober living leadership and staff are steeped in the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of AA and NA and have long been exposed to the typical biases towards (any) mood-altering substances – prescribed or not – especially during early recovery. Has it influenced us? Probably. However, as we have grown as an organization, and as a team, we have incorporated clinical services into our sober living model and methodologies proven to be effective under the right circumstances, including Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) with Suboxone.

Structured Sober Living Necessary for Successful Suboxone Management

We believe Suboxone maintenance can be managed effectively in a structured sober living environment. A sober living environment that accepts Suboxone requires supervision, staffing, a direct affiliation with an outpatient treatment center, and clear policies and procedures. At Westport House, management of Suboxone is the responsibility of our nearby outpatient center, while the sober living homes provide accountability and a supportive environment. Frequent testing is required to verify compliance and abstinence from other substances.

Medical Supervision for Suboxone Program at Westport House

The Westport House Suboxone program was developed to provide the appropriate structure and support for young men ages 18 to 30 who have completed inpatient treatment and currently prescribed Suboxone. Each client in our sober living program will be under the watchful eye of our medical director, a triple Board Certified Psychiatrist with expertise in the clinical application of Suboxone in the treatment of opiate addiction.

Please call our admission counselor at 888-302-6790 for more information about sober living that accepts Suboxone.