Tips for Sober Living

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Whether you are living at home, in a sober living house, or in a halfway house, it is imperative that you participate in an addiction aftercare plan to aid in your recovery from addiction. Your aftercare plan can be individualized to meet your unique needs, but nearly all aftercare plans include the following:

Attend a 12-step program at least three times per week. Most recovering addicts need to be involved with an addiction support group. This is a group of people who have gone through or who are currently experiencing the same issues regarding recovery that you are going through now. The group can offer support and provide feedback to you about any concerns you have about sober living. Some newly sober recovering addicts find it helpful to attend 12-step meetings every day.

Get a sponsor and call him or her as often as necessary. Your sponsor has accepted the responsibility of being your mentor. He or she expects to hear from you. The person would not have agreed to be your sponsor if he or she did not want to get phone calls from you. Call your sponsor often, and tell him or her how you feel about the problems you are facing. Your sponsor likely has experienced the same problems and can offer help and guidance.

Make at least three phone calls a week to people in recovery. It is important for you to stay in contact with your peers who are also in recovery. You can help each other stay sober and remind each other to work on your daily programs. You don’t have to go through the recovery process alone.

Eat three meals per day. When you were drinking and drugging, you probably did not receive the daily nutrition your body needs to function. If you don’t keep your body properly nourished, it becomes impossible for you to make sound decisions. At the very minimum, try to eat three meals per day.

Exercise at least three times per week. Addiction recovery involves the spirit, mind, and body. Exercising plays a large role in recovery. Regular exercise is known to release endorphins, which are your body’s natural “feel good” biochemical compounds.

Follow the above aftercare plan, and have faith that you can reach any goals or objectives you set for yourself. Believe in yourself and that you can achieve your dream of living an alcohol- or drug-free life. Now is the time for you to reclaim the excitement of daily sober living that you most likely missed out on or overlooked when you were focused on your addiction.

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