The Suboxone Sober Living Program at Westport House

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For individuals with a chronic relapse history and limited periods of abstinence, Suboxone maintenance is considered an appropriate treatment option. Subutex is typically not used for maintenance unless the individual has specific medical conditions that would explicitly require the use of Subutex instead of Suboxone.

A Lack of Sober House Options For Suboxone Clients

Unfortunately, Suboxone has become a dirty word in Twelve Step meetings and many treatment programs. AA and NA meetings are often the last place someone can go and be accepted—to be rejected there is not only wrong, but it can be deadly. Contrary to these opinions, individuals participating in a Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) program that includes Suboxone are clean and sober, as long as they remain abstinent from all illicit substances and behaviors.

What are the options for Suboxone sober houses? Unfortunately, few reputable sober houses accept clients currently prescribed Suboxone. Traditionally, the founders of sober houses tend to share these negative (if ill-informed) beliefs as a result of their process of personal recovery. Combine this with a lack of clinical training, and the result is a sober house industry ill-prepared to deal with, nor which believes in, Suboxone as a useful tool for maintaining abstinence.

That is not the case at Westport House. We believe Suboxone maintenance can be managed effectively in an adequately structured sober house environment. A Suboxone sober house requires supervision, staffing, a direct affiliation with an outpatient medical facility, and clear policies and procedures. At Westport House, management of Suboxone is the responsibility of our nearby outpatient center, while the sober houses provide accountability and a supportive environment. Frequent testing is required to verify compliance and abstinence from other substances.

Learn More About the Suboxone Program at Westport Sober House

The Westport House Suboxone program was developed to provide the appropriate structure and support for men who have completed detox or inpatient treatment and currently prescribed Suboxone. Each client in our Suboxone sober house will be in the care of our medical director, an Addiction Psychiatrist with expertise in the clinical applications of Suboxone in the treatment of opiate addiction. Please call our admission counselor at 888-302-6790 for more information.