Westport House is a small sober living community founded with the mission to provide young adult and teen males with the professional services, experienced staff, high quality facilities, and safe community that supports their successful transition back into high school, college, career, and life.

Change happens when one feels safe, inspired, and confident to make one’s life his own. We believe it’s our responsibility to create this environment while empowering our clients through open and honest dialogue, clear expectations, and defined resources.

We’re an experienced team; we’ve literally worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of young men in early recovery. And experience tells us that neither we nor anyone can elicit true change in a young man, whether by coercion or enticement. We understand that change in behavior alone is not the goal, as behavior can be manipulated and is often not truly internalized. What we do believe is that our clients need consistency, predictability, and positive role models to feel safe and confidently navigate their new environment and way of living.

Our small size combined with a unique mix of life skill development, academics and employment, clinical best practices, adventure and family involvement envelopes our clients in a structure that helps make the process of personal growth feel more concrete and clear. Learn more about our approach by selecting one of the components below.

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