Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching is a core component of Westport House – encouraging and supporting the development of the day-to-day skills necessary to live successfully in recovery.

Recovery coaching goes beyond therapy and 12-step sponsorship. A good recovery coach is a leader, a mentor, a partner, a counselor, a spiritual guide and a cheerleader. Recovery coaches, aka “case managers,” at Westport House are passionate members of the 12-step recovery community, they exemplify what it means to “live in recovery”; acting as role models that clients can look up to and guide them through the challenges of early recovery.

At Westport House, coaches are responsible for holding clients accountable, improving their performance in all areas, and teaching them (in practical terms) how to stay sober and enjoy life. Our coaches are onsite everyday throughout the week and formally meet individually with each of their clients at least once a week, and many other times informally. They listen and contribute observations and questions, provide a road map for success and assist the client with achieving their desired goals.

Helping You Get Where You Want To Go

Recovery coaching at Westport House is client-focused. We understand that everyone’s recovery is unique and what works for one person may not work for another. Coaches concentrate on meeting the client where he is at now, where he wants to be, and holding him accountable to get there. Ultimately, the coaches primary goal is the goal of Westport House – to help young men in early recovery develop the day-to-day skills necessary to live successfully in recovery.

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