Collegiate Sober Living

The Collegiate Sober Living Program at Westport House offers safe and supportive environment for students in recovery from substance abuse.

The mission of the Westport House Collegiate Sober Living is to provide a safe and welcoming community where students in recovery from substance use are empowered to advance their academic, personal, and professional potentials. Participation helps residents navigate the typical challenges encountered during early sobriety and opens new opportunities for long-term academic and career growth.

Students are empowered to advance their academic, personal, and professional potentials while they are supported in their decision to live a life in recovery. Our goal is to offer students a “typical” college experience without the burden of alcohol or other drugs.

Collegiate Recovery Services

Case managers work closely with students to reinforce skills and support their transition back into an educational environment. These services are offered to students who are enrolled in a high school or college program while participating in Extended Care or Structured Sober Living at Westport House.

Recovery coaching and academic case management services can include:

  • Collaborating with the clinical team to identify the local colleges based on each the individual’s educational needs, career goals, and interests–all of which complement their recovery and the development of a solid foundation. 
  • Offering a “step down” approach to the transition between treatment and college life with gradual steps away from treatment and toward independence.
  • Assistance in transferring credits for courses to their home college or university.
  • Guidance in developing a budget for the school year and identifying grants/scholarships to help offset costs.
  • Therapeutic Alliances : Westport House has developed strong partnerships and therapeutic alliances with colleges, universities, and vocational schools locally and nationally. We’ll work with administrators and admissions staff on both ends.

  • Academic planning and collaboration when a student is ready to return to an educational institution after Westport House, including admissions assistance.



Westport House believes that academics and recovery can go hand in hand. In fact, studies demonstrate that academics can help heal the damage done by drugs & alcohol.

Sober living at Westport House offers students the opportunity to learn how to balance academics with recovery. When residents are prepared to transition from Westport House, nearby Fairfield University offers an ideal “next step”. As one of the only universities in Connecticut offering recovery housing for students, along with social and clinical support, it has proven to be a very effective continuum for our extended care and sober living participants.



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