Westport House Reviews

Read what residents, alumni, families, and addiction professionals have to say about their experience with Westport House.

“I have spent the last seven months here at Westport House. I am leaving tomorrow to attend college in New Jersey. I would like to thank everyone here for the opportunity to develop sobriety.

Before I found myself at Caron Treatment Center and Westport House, I was living on the streets of New York City. I was physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt. The only thing that I knew for sure was that it wouldn’t be long before I checked out. I had been drinking and using drugs for almost half of my life, starting at age 13. I am now 23. Even though I would be sober coming out of the hospital, I didn’t know what it took for me to quit. Without a spiritual foundation, I was lost, and sobriety was not an option.

Since being up here, I have found my higher power. I have found a freedom I have never known before. The chains of my addiction have been broken, and today I have a choice. I would like to express my deepest gratitude and thanks to all who have made this possible. Just so you know, you have saved at least one broken life.”

– Michael B.

“Focus on young men. Encourages independence and full participation in recovery. Strong therapy programs and AA opportunities. Staff awareness of residents struggles; good support to work thru issues. Job opportunities in local area. Career advice when needed. Facility focuses on young men with a dual diagnosis. Area of expertise not in severe mental health issues that have led to addiction.

My wife and I were uncertain about where to place our son following his 28 day residential program. We knew he was not ready to come home but needed continuing support to assist his recovery. Wesport House enabled our son to continue his journey of sober living day by day while providing him with tools he still uses today. He also made sober friends while at the house that he is still in contact with.

My wife and I also benefited from the family programs that Westport House provided and were encouraging about our decision to seek out Al-Anon meetings in our area.”

– David D.

“Westport House was exactly what I needed — a safe, secure, structured environment where I could focus on my recovery. This place is good in that it teaches you structure and responsibility. Rob is very hands-on. He is tough but fair, and I feel like he was very generous with me and with other people there. The staff is cool, too. They all care and try really hard. This was what I needed to get back on my feet.”

– Brett T.

“I’ve referred several young men to Westport House after they’ve completed treatment. Each one did very well while there and are still going strong today. I would urge anyone in need of structured sober living for young men to consider Westport House. They have an amazing team of individuals on staff, and their approach to integrating young men back into society is unique and effective.”

– Paul J. Gallant, MC, LPC, BRI-II

“Overall my interactions with staff have been positive. On my first night, one staff member took several hours to let me vent, which looking back, probably facilitated me remaining in the program in the early days. Being at the Westport House has allowed me to step back and analyze my career and education options. I’ve narrowed down my future interests as a result. Other than usual wear and tear from residential use, the facilities have exceeded my expectations and any issues are quickly taken care of.”

– Peter S.

“This in an incredibly life changing facility for young men who are struggling with addiction. The staff genuinely care about the clients and want the best for them. They are not only there to counsel them but are a role model every day on how to live a meaningful, productive and sober life.

Our son’s case manager’s dedication and kindness to our son and our family is what has made the difference in our son’s outcome. The clinical staff has also had the most impact of any that we had tried previously. Their team effort is a very effective treatment model. I can’t imagine there is a more caring treatment team anywhere else. My son’s life has turned around and we have back our kind. loving, motivated son that he was prior to using drugs.

I highly recommend Westport House, they really know what they are doing here.”

– Charlene W.

“I felt that the staff during my stay really believed in me and it helped me believe in myself. I think the most beneficial part was the sense of community I felt within the program and the sober friends I made during my stay. My case manager made a huge impact on my recovery and was one of the most influential people I’ve met so far in my life.”

– Zach G.

“My 19 year old son has been in the Westport House program for over a year. It has been a transformative experience for him and our family.

Prior to Westport House he had been hospitalized a number of times, in a number of intensive outpatient programs, therapeutic boarding and day schools and had not completed his high school education.

Since being at Westport House he has finished his studies, been very successful at a job, reconnected with friends and family and most of all has been sober for well over a year. Words cannot express my appreciation to the entire Westport team for his transformation. It hasn’t always been easy but I always felt that the Westport team was behind him and our family.”

– Sharon K.

“Westport House was an amazing experience. I gained a lot of knowledge to help me maintain my sobriety, built healthy relationships, and created a path for success. I recommend Westport House to anyone who needs sober living. It’s worth every penny. The staff at Westport House is helpful, knowledgeable, and very friendly.”

– Clark K.

“I’ve worked with Westport House for several years. In that time, I’ve seen the change in the young men who have gone through their sober living program. Their approach to reintegrating these young men back into the ‘real world’ gradually is effective and unlike any other sober living program in Connecticut.”

– Joseph Russo, MD

“Your staff has been informative and caring during my stay. Because of your kindness and understanding, you have made the world a better place. Before I came here, I was scared of what I had become. Now I can hold my head high and be proud of myself. I know now that I do not have to be ashamed, and I can look forward to the future. I cannot express how grateful I am that people like you exist. I do not know where I would be if it were not for Westport House.”

– Craig P.

“What I’ve learned about addiction is that is destroys families. It is a disease that affects us all. Westport House has helped me tremendously by listening to all the families and their issues. Listening to them gave me the support I needed to be able to understand the extent of my own son’s addiction and how to deal with it.

Westport House has helped to teach us coping skills and how not to enable our addicted loved ones, giving us the strength to be able to say ‘no’ to them. Our loved ones need to learn to stand on their own two feet and fend for themselves.”

– Paul L.

“When I first arrived at Caron, I was lost. I felt like I was in a different world, and I knew I needed to be as far away from Texas as possible. So when I was told Westport House was in Connecticut, I said, “Sign me up.” I stayed eight months. Westport House has taught me so many things. It taught me so much more than just how not to use drugs and alcohol. It taught me how to be honest with myself, open-minded, and willing, how to take care of myself, how to live life without the use of drugs and alcohol. I strongly suggest Westport House for anybody who wants to get help.”

– Brian M.

“I work for a primary residential program in Maryland and we’ve referred three patients in recent months and love the result we’re seeing. It’s very clear to us that Westport House goes above and beyond to offer the best care possible and to provide a safe, structured, supportive environment. This program definitely ranks highly among our group of trusted aftercare providers.”

– Alex Dentsman

“My experience of Westport House has been great. I’m grateful that my therapist at Mountainside recommended I speak with them. The staff members at Westport House are all in recovery. They are very receptive to residents’ needs, and the activities and groups offer great insight into the issues surrounding addiction and sobriety.

Westport House does a great job at emphasizing the importance of a mind and body connection by taking us to the gym five to six days a week, plus offering yoga, martial arts, cooking classes, and combining that with groups that teach healthy coping mechanisms for everything from anxiety and depression to anger management and relapse prevention. I also really enjoyed going to the Adirondacks and staying in a cabin on a lake for two nights. That was awesome.

Today, I have a job in downtown Westport, and I’m signing up for a class at Fairfield University for the fall. I can’t thank the staff and my housemates enough for all of the support they have given me.”

– Tom S.

“Sending my son here after he completed a 30-day inpatient program was worth every penny. The staff was very welcoming, and they consistently treated my son and I with respect. In fact, many of the staff members at Westport House today are part of his sober network. My son’s case manager communicated with me regularly over the course of his stay.

In the first phase of the program, all meals were provided by the house. He developed a strong relationship with his therapist who he has today. The program supported his involvement in AA, and they helped guide my family in being healthy supports to his recovery. The second phase allowed my son to show consistency in his new way of life and establish independence. He was able to resume his education, get a part-time job (which he now has full-time), and take control of his spending. His case manager there helped him budget his money and learn how to hold himself accountable.

The residents he lived with are some of his best friends today, and he continues to be actively involved in his recovery. With the help of Westport House, my son was able to find his true self and transform into the sober young man he is today, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

– Alex K.

“Westport House has been a great experience from start to finish; a place where the staff and my therapist Ava were extremely helpful, ready and willing to help assist me with any problem I had. With a very cozy and comfortable living environment, Westport House was truly a beautiful place to stay for as long as I needed.

Additionally, the weekly grocery shopping trips, while something I had never experienced before, made me feel like I was right at home. I initially arrived here depressed and hating life. I didn’t want to be here, I just wanted to go home, yet I am extremely glad to say I was able to leave Westport House with a heart full of happiness.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt, Westport House has really changed my life, and I would recommend it to anyone seeking sober living.”

– Robert B.

“Positive support, structure, effective communication, see clients as individuals, able and willing to adapt schedules and support accordingly. Healthy, clean living environment. Focus on addiction recovery rather than primary mental health issues. Young male demographic provided a positive recovery environment. It is Expensive. Communication between staff members when dealing with an issue that extends over shift changes and/or staff hierarchy can be inefficient. Overall very positive experience. Staff always made time to discuss any concerns. Phone calls and emails always returned promptly. Monthly meetings were always kept – relevant staff were available and well informed. Was difficult sometimes to follow staff advice on how long our son needed to stay because of financial concerns but their judgement proved to be sound. Our son is still clean and still working his program 9 months after leaving.”

– Anne & Thomas L.

“Westport House saved my life – it’s something I say to myself almost every day, and I now know it to be true. I entered the program (with significant hesitation) at the suggestion of my rehab therapist after completing a 28 day inpatient program. I felt I was ready to return to normal life after 28 days clean… nothing could have been further from the truth. The Westport House program was exactly what I’d needed, probably since the day I graduated from high school.

While the first few weeks were tough, it soon became clear it was the best decision I could have made to get my life back on track. The staff was nothing but supportive and caring. The structured Phase 1 schedule allowed me to receive the clinical care I needed, while learning self-care & life skills under the guidance of residential staff at the house. The turning point in my recovery came about as a result of the relationships I’d built with my case manager, residential coordinators and peers at P1. When I began to feel joy and happiness again during recreation activities with them, the progress I’d been making truly began to grow.

Today, my best friends include staff members and fellow residents that I met in the first few weeks of my journey at the WH. 11 months after walking into 9 Fragrant Pines, I have a full-time job, hobbies that I love and the type of people in my life I always wanted when I was active in my addiction.

I look back now and understand the importance of all the little things that are a part of the program – A sober part-time job to get started, waking up early & making my bed, being honest with the staff, moving through the phases of the program and finding new ways to enjoy life as a sober person. It all added up to where I am today. To that end, I would recommend the Westport House without hesitation.”

– Peter W.

“Our son had us convinced that he could come home after rehab, that he would do everything that the program had taught him to do. Wanting to believe him and faced with the added expense of sober living, we picked him up at the treatment center on a Sunday morning and drove home full of hope (and fear) for the future.

Three days later, we found Chris* passed out in his bed. He had overdosed. Looking through paperwork from his rehab, we found a list of sober living programs they had recommended to Chris. Westport House was the first and last place we called. We spoke with the Director, Al Samaras. He didn’t try to ‘sell’ us on his program, he simply shared his background, explained the Westport House philosophy and why each of the things they do are important and necessary. He answered our questions and invited us for a visit. We took him up on the offer, and we were with him in Westport the next day.

Fast forward three months later. Chris has recently graduated from Phase I and is living in their Phase II house. He has a job at the Westport Library and is taking a class at Fairfield University. The change in him over the last few months has been dramatic. It wasn’t always easy. There were a couple of times when Chris wanted to leave Westport, and he almost did. But with the help of Al and his team, and people in Al-Anon, we were able to set limits and to speak to him in a way that was never possible before.

We can’t say enough about the amazing people who work at Westport House. Their philosophy for treatment was appealing to us, and it’s the main reason we selected it. But beyond that, the people there are unlike any we’ve ever met before. The compassion they showed us and Chris was amazing. They are engaged in the treatment process alongside the client from the moment he walks through the door. Brian, Chris’ case manager, must have spent literally hundreds of hours on the phone with us over the last three months. We can’t begin to express how grateful we are to them.
We can’t recommend Westport House any more highly to a family with son struggling with addiction. There’s no doubt in our minds that they saved our son’s life.”

– Mary S.

“I came to Westport House with absolute fear and uncertainty. I went into rehab to release myself from the bond that addiction had placed on my life and all of the relationships in my life. I went through a rehab that placed me in a city and state I had no knowledge of, no friends, no idea of how I was going to make it once I left. My counselor told me that instead of moving back home — where I thought I’d be safe, and my family would take care of me, and I could just sit on my behind and never have to deal with real life — I should seriously consider sober living.

After looking at several different places, I found Westport House. I was very pleased at the first sight of the properties in comparison to other places I had checked out. The supportive environment allowed me to learn how to be around other people without being angry and sad. I learned a lot about how important it was to regain a routine in my life and how constant contact with other sober people at meetings and at home helped me to calm down.”

– Jeffery C.

“Positive support, structure, effective communication, see clients as individuals, able and willing to adapt schedules and support accordingly. Healthy, clean living environment. Focus on addiction recovery rather than primary mental health issues. Young male demographic provided a positive recovery environment. It is Expensive. Communication between staff members when dealing with an issue that extends over shift changes and/or staff hierarchy can be inefficient. Overall very positive experience. Staff always made time to discuss any concerns. Phone calls and emails always returned promptly. Monthly meetings were always kept – relevant staff were available and well informed. Was difficult sometimes to follow staff advice on how long our son needed to stay because of financial concerns but their judgement proved to be sound. Our son is still clean and still working his program 9 months after leaving.”

– Anne & Thomas L.

“I lived at Westport House for six months after a 30-day stay at Silver Hill in New Canaan, Connecticut. The staff and residents all encouraged my recovery and sobriety. The empathetic staff provided structure, encouragement, and role models. They treated me as a unique individual with strengths and vulnerabilities and crafted my plan of recovery accordingly. They fostered an environment that focused on personal growth, resident unity, and responsibility.

We residents bonded around our common struggles and experiences. I have been in other recovery environments where conflict between residents was the norm. This was not so at Westport House — we all supported each other, and there were no cliques or odd men out.

Now five months sober, I am moving into my own apartment and continuing my professional education. My stay at Westport House was one of the key building blocks to my newfound ability to follow my dreams as a sober and responsible adult.”

– Robert B.

“I will never forget my experience at Westport House. I have tried to get clean and sober many times before, and never have I been to a program as educational and supportive as Westport House. I was surrounded by caring staff members who walked me through the program and helped me work to uncover and deal with the underlying issues that helped fuel my disease. I was able to attend 12-step meetings daily and to begin meeting and getting to know people in the program in Westport, Fairfield, and other surrounding towns.

The house was top-notch, and the staff was more than accommodating to each individual’s needs. I enjoyed the different educational groups, along with the intense personal and family work that was done. I cannot thank Al, Rob, and the rest of the staff enough for all that they did for me.”

– Paul C.

“Westport House is an excellent program for young adult males. As a professional, I have sent numerous clients to Westport House and have received nothing but rave reviews from clients and families.”

– Zach Snitzer


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