Sober Living for Men

Work and other commitments won’t always wait. That’s why Westport House sober living is designed for men who can’t take a “time-out” right after inpatient drug rehab.

When men complete residential treatment, they may need to explore other living options as an alternative to returning to their home, living by themselves, or with others who are not in recovery. For men, sober living, also known as recovery housing, can provide the support and structure necessary to strengthen recovery skills before transitioning to an independent living environment. The additional support and structure can help young adults and adults gain confidence and develop the skills that support a productive and healthy life while conditioning them to respond in a positive way to the day-to-day triggers that can lead to relapse.

What is a Sober Living Home?

Sober Living House for Young AdultsEffective sober living homes are group homes (aka “halfway or recovery houses) that offer individuals who have gone through treatment for drug and alcohol addiction a safe and structured environment with positive peer support for learning and developing the resiliency and skills to navigate life without alcohol or drugs. Halfway house residents are expected to follow the house rules, observe program principles and refrain from using alcohol or drugs. Should a resident not meet expectations and violate the house rules, there are defined penalties. A recovery home is an opportunity to transition back to regular life gradually. Residents work or attend school while staying at the halfway house. Living in this type of home can support sobriety and assist young adults and adults to adjust to life without substances.

Sober living homes offer young adults and adults an opportunity to continue the work started in addiction treatment, addressing underlying issues, and receiving support from a community of like-minded peers. For young adults in particular, one of the greatest benefits of a good recovery living home is the sense of community and connection.

Westport House alumni give back in so many ways – they return to share their experiences, sponsor residents, give rides to meetings, and share a perspective that only sober peers can offer.”

– Albert Samaras

   Executive Director & Founder

  • Quality Sober Living Homes

    Large, executive-style residences located near downtown Westport. Convenient to the train station, I-95, & Rte 15.

  • Individualized Clinical Services

    Individual & group therapy, psychiatry, medication management, M.A.T., and holistic services at our nearby outpatient center.

  • Recovery Coaching

    A dedicated recovery coach to support you in the development of a recovery-focused lifestyle.

  • Health & Recreation

    Memberships to The Edge Fitness Center & Westport YMCA along with optional recreational, entertainment, & adventure activities.

  • Supportive Local Recovery Community

    One of the strongest and supportive recovery communities in Connecticut. We’ll plug you in!

Who can benefit from Sober Living at Westport House?

Sober living at Westport House is designed for men of any age who have completed detox or inpatient treatment and could use some support as they reintegrate back into work and family life. The cost is approximately half that of extended care. However, sober living clients are responsible for meals, transportation, and non-Westport House related events.

What Do the Best Sober Living Homes Look Like?

The best sober livingSober Living Home for Young Men communities for men include more than just a recovery house to live in. The best halfway homes for young adults and adults offers comradery, health and physical fitness, integrated clinical services, family programming, life skill development, and the opportunity to “practice” life without drugs and alcohol so that the young adult and adult can decide on his own that life is better substance-free. They should also have time-tested policies and procedures in place based on experience and years in operation. Don’t let a new recovery environment use you to test out their theories on how halfway house “should” be organized.

The best sober living homes typically have a supportive local recovery community made up of alumni and support groups (AA, SMART Recovery, etc.) that understand the mission of the home and are willing to support its success. Community support of recovery environments that help young adults and adults develop independent living skills is a characteristic of the most successful sober living homes.

How to Choose a Sober Living Home for Men

With the number of recovery homes growing each day, combined with a lack of federal or state regulation and oversight, it is important that you do your homework and only choose sober living for men that has been in business for a number of years. Sober living for young adult and adult men with a long-term presence in the community typically have large supportive alumni populations and NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) issues with local governments and neighbors are well behind them.

Best Sober Living for Young AdultsChoosing an established and reputable sober living home with a strong local alumni community only increases the probability of long-term success. Local sober house alumni give back to homes in many ways including returning to the home to share their experiences, sponsoring of residents, rides to meetings, and can share a perspective that only sober peers can offer.

To learn more about the Westport House recovery community, contact us today at 888-302-6790. We’re here to help men successfully transition from addiction treatment to independent living.

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