Extended Care for Young Men

Extended Care at Westport House offers young men a bridge from inpatient treatment to independent sober living – gradually exposing them to real life as they develop the skills that position them for success in recovery and life.

Extended Care at Westport House is designed to support the recovery process for young men as they transition from inpatient treatment to work, school, and a recovery-based lifestyle. It blends the transformational power of experiential activities, physical fitness & recreation, and local recovery community immersion with outpatient clinical services to establish a supportive environment in which young men can develop the life-skills and practical experience characteristic of individuals in long-term recovery.

A “Step-down” Approach to Recovery


  • Outpatient Clinical Services

  • Health & Recreation

  • Case Management

    Case management is a core component of Extended Care at Westport House. Case managers act as hub for the client, a primary point point of contact for his care team and family. Additionally, they hold clients accountable, helping to improve performance in all aspects of their lives, and teach them the practical skills that will support success in recovery and in life.

  • Supportive Housing

    Supportive housing services include 24/7 professional staffing, meals and in-house chef, transportation, drug testing, money management and budgeting, medication management, and an active daily schedule.

  • Academics

  • Employment & Volunteering

    Leveraging relationships in the local community, case managers will work closely with the client to identify paid and volunteer opportunities. Within four to six weeks of admission, clients are expected to have secured part-time employment or a volunteer activity.

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