Extended Care Program for Young Men

Extended care for young men offers a bridge from the structure of inpatient treatment to the independence of sober living.

The Extended Care Program for Young Men at Westport House (E-Care) is designed to support the recovery process for young adults as they transition from a higher level of care – usually inpatient residential treatment – to an independent sober living environment. We blend the transformational power of experiential activities, physical fitness & recreation, and 12-step immersion with outpatient addiction treatment services to establish a supportive environment in which young men can practice independent life-skill management and other recovery skills. Once individualized goals and objectives have been met, residents will have the opportunity to transition to one of our neaby sober living homes.

Why Extended Care for Young Men?

Young adults in early recovery face far different challenges that older individuals. The lack of life skills, resiliency, and plain old experience navigating the world, puts them at a disadvantage and a much higher risk of relapse. Add to the mix co-occurring disorders and the executive function deficits so common to young men fresh out of treatment, and it is no wonder why long-term recovery rates are so dismal.

Extended Care Program for Young MenOur extended care program is designed to address the unique physical, emotional, and mental health needs of young men and offer them the best possible outcome by reducing the probability of relapse after an inpatient treatment program. Extended care accomplishes this by exposing young men to the “real world” gradually and only as they develop, and consistently demonstrate, the characteristics of healthy, sober individuals.

The Benefits of Extended Care

Extended Care begins with orientation and assimilation into the community. During this time, new residents get to know their peers, participate in outpatient treatment services, take part in recreational, social, and physical fitness activities and events, all while being exposed to support group meetings (AA, SMART Recovery, etc.) in Westport and Fairfield County. Over time, they grow comfortable in their new surroundings – preparing them for the eventual transition to sober independent living.

During extended care, young men also have the time and support they need to prepare for the return to school, work, family, and other commitments – putting themselves in the best possible position to succeed when the time comes to transition back into life.

Core components supporting the transition from inpatient treatment to sober living

Our transitional, step-down E-Care model is centered around the concept of young men taking ownership of their recovery – not because they are forced to – but because they begin to recognize its inherent value to long-term health and happiness.

  • Clinical Treatment Services

    Outpatient treatment services are individualized to meet the needs of the client. Our licensed facility offers individual and group counseling, and psychiatric care with a focus on relapse prevention.

  • Health & Recreation

    In addition to the health benefits, the bonds that form through shared experiences are strong and enduring. The connections that we develop with others can support us for a lifetime.

  • Case Management

    Case management or “recovery coaching” is a core component – encouraging and supporting the development of the day-to-day skills necessary to live successfully in recovery.

  • Structured Housing

    The housing component includes 24/7 professional staffing, meals and in-house chef, transportation, drug testing, medication supervision, and an active daily schedule.

  • Academics

    Academic services at Westport House include comprehensive support for young men who wish to pursue their academic goals while simultaneously building a foundation in recovery.

  • Employment

    When a resident is ready to rejoin the workforce, our Career Services Director will work closely with him to identify paid and volunteer opportunities in the local community.

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