Anthem Insurance and Sober Living

The Westport House Sober Living outpatient center is in-network with Anthem Blue Cross insurance and its affiliates. This means that all addiction treatment services offered are typically covered at no additional cost other than your co-pay.

Will Anthem Insurance Cover Sober Living?

Yes and no. Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance does provide coverage for drug and alcohol rehab services that are included in some of the more established sober home programs. However, in most cases, Anthem Insurance will not cover the cost of “room and board” for extended care or sober living. You can find out the details by contacting our Admissions Counselors at 203-293-1723 or contact Blue Cross directly and ask to speak to a care manager to get the most complete information about your specific coverage. The amount of your treatment coverage while in a recovery home depends on your policy plan level, your location, if the sober house program is in- or-out of network, and the length of the program, all have to be factored into your coverage amounts.

The Westport House sober living outpatient center is now in-network with Anthem Blue Cross. Please contact Admissions to discuss your plan details.

Anthem’s Sober Living Rehab Requirements for Coverage

In qualifying you for a halfway house rehab program, Anthem considers a number of factors for outpatient rehab coverage in its plans. Anthem look at the type and severity of the addiction, the cost-effectiveness of the program, and whether or not the specific treatment type meets their requirements for your specific rehab needs. Once accepted into a treatment program, the professionals at the facility will work with Anthem to ensure that you receive appropriate treatment for drug or alcohol dependence.

For more details on your specific coverage through Anthem, you can also call the Member Services number on the back of your ID card. Anthem gives you access to Care Managers who can help you with finding addiction and behavioral health resources in your area. Because Anthem has a large network of providers, you can certainly find recovery services that accept Anthem health insurance. In order to find a provider for addiction treatment near you, you can search the directory of Anthem’s providers online.

Some helpful questions to ask regarding substance abuse therapies include:
• How do you decide that I need treatment?
• What coverage is available for addiction treatment?
• Will there be a copay or deductible for treatment services?
• Is there an out-of-pocket expense maximum for treatment?
• How can I find local rehab providers and who do you recommend?

Once you are approved for rehabilitation services, you and your treatment team will need to check in regularly throughout outpatient rehab, to make sure each of the services you’re provided is covered. If those therapies aren’t included, you and your team can determine what you are expected to pay out of pocket.

Blue Cross coverage for sober living and addiction treatment can take different forms as judged necessary including:
• Hospitalization for acute care
• Outpatient treatment
• Or combinations of in-patient and out-patient care through
– Residential rehab treatment
– Intensive outpatient treatment

Blue Cross’ Sober Living Rehab Requirements for Coverage

Keep in mind that rehab treatment as a part of living in a halfway house is designed for your specific needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ sober living rehab program that is successful for everyone. You and your treatment support team will work with Anthem to see that your needs are met. Coverage can differ because of your type of substance abuse, your location and the type of plan you hold. Most rehab centers affiliated with sober houses work with Anthem and can guide you through how insurance factors in as part of the admissions process.

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