Paying for Sober Living & Extended Care

We understand that paying for quality extended care and/or sober living is a significant investment. It is also an investment that you can’t afford NOT to make.

How much does Extended Care and Sober Living at Westport House cost?

Sober living and extended care have two cost components: residential and clinical services. Residential costs are calculated on a four-week cycle and reflect the services provided by the level of care. These costs are usually not covered by health insurance. Costs for clinical treatment services offered at our nearby outpatient center are billed to the resident’s insurance company. For residents without behavioral health insurance coverage, we offer discounted out-of-pocket rates for clinical treatment services.

While these variables make it difficult to determine precisely how much to budget on a monthly basis, here are some basic guidelines for minimum out-of-pocket costs:

Sober Living: $4,495/month

Extended Care: $8,950/month

*The above monthly out-of-pocket costs do not factor in any partial scholarships or financing options for which you may be eligible.

Does insurance cover any part of sober living or extended care?

Yes. A primary component of the Westport House sober living or extended care experience includes clinical treatment services at our nearby licensed and accredited outpatient center. Although every insurance policy is different, insurance companies typically cover most of these services. This allows us to keep our residential costs lower than many other sober living or extended care programs.

Please note that we are in-network with Anthem Blue Cross and its affiliates. This means that other than a co-pay, you will pay very little out-of-pocket for treatment. We are in the process of contracting with several other popular insurance companies. Please contact admissions for an updated list of in-network insurance carriers and help understanding what your policy does and does not cover.

How do I pay for Westport House?

Payment can be made over the phone through admissions or, with prior approval, upon arrival. We accept cash, credit cards, certified checks, (American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover) and bank transfers.

What if I cannot afford quality extended care or sober living?

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality recovery housing and we are dedicated to making sure that all who need it can access it. If Westport House is not the right aftercare provider for you, we will help you find another quality environment.

Westport House offers the following options to those who qualify:

Partial Scholarships

Each year, Westport House provides over one hundred thousand dollars in financial assistance in the form of partial scholarships to residents and their families. Scholarship money is taken directly from profits and is our way of giving back to those who are less fortunate. To determine your eligibility, please get in touch with admissions.

Zero-interest payment plans and financing

Westport House will work with you to create an affordable zero-interest payment plan that can substantially decrease your monthly out-of-pocket investment. Contact admissions to learn more about the payment plan option.

In addition, we have a relationship with M-lend Financial that may be able to help you pay for services at Westport House. Families have used M-lend to obtain interest-free financing for one year or low-interest fixed-rate financing for two years (eligibility for determined by the lending company). Speak with Westport House admissions to schedule a consultation.

We can help, call today: 888.302.6790