We take the time to learn about your situation and determine if extended care or sober living is right for you.

Aconfidential telephone assessment will be conducted with all individuals and families seeking admission to Westport House. This important conversation will help us determine if Westport House is the most appropriate level of care for you or your loved one. During this call we will also help answer all of your questions regarding Westport House. The goal is to make certain that we will meet your individual needs and circumstances that best support your long-term recovery.


The pre-admission process at Westport House begins as soon as we respond to your inquiry regarding the next step after treatment. After reviewing all application and pre-admission information, we will help you determine whether Westport House is the appropriate sober living environement for you or your loved one. When Westport House has been determined as the appropriate next step, we will guide you through the pre-admission process and schedule your arrival.

Take a Tour of Our Facilities

We know that choosing sober living is not an easy decision.  We welcome you and your family to meet us in person and tour our facilities in Connecticut.  We understand that getting to know the surroundings and staff may be a key factor in committing to sober living.  Call or email us to schedule a tour.

Scheduling Your Arrival

Once you’ve made the decision to join us, we’ll schedule an arrival date. If you are coming to us from an inpatient treatment program, we prefer that you travel directly to us. Exceptions can be made in the case of an emergency.

Travel Arrangements

We understand the difficulties traveling may present for you. Our admissions team is trained to assist in the coordination all of the details of your trip. Should you or your loved one require a “sober escort” to join you on your trip we can assist with recommendations for sober transportation. Call us for assistance in making these arrangements.

For more information, call today: 888.302.6790

For more information, call today: 888.302.6790