SOBERLINK Alcohol Monitoring System

A leading-edge accountability tool to support our resident’s recoveries.

One way that we support our resident’s ongoing recoveries is through SOBERLINK, a remote sobriety accountability program. SOBERLINK has not only brought peace of mind to residents and family members, it has been instrumental in helping many maintain long-term sobriety.


SOBERLINK Alcohol MonitoringResidents who choose to participate in the SOBERLINK program sign a contract agreeing to perform random alcohol tests using SOBERLINK’s handheld breathalyzer. Two to three times per day, a text message will prompt the resident to perform a test. Once the resident has performed the test, his result, GPS location, and a photo are sent to his case manager and clinician. If the resident must delay the test, he can notify the team via a text message. If breathalyzer results are positive, the team will contact the resident. If the resident is unable to respond within 15 minutes, the team will initiate an agreed upon plan of action.

SOBERLINK is available to residents during and after their stay at Westport House. Our team will design the resident’s testing schedule, create accountability plans, and provides support throughout the process. Participation is not mandatory. However, we strongly recommended a minimum three-month commitment.

The Benefits of SOBERLINK Monitoring

The key component of successful monitoring is visibility. With SOBERLINK’s real-time technology, your support team has access to daily sobriety, and the opportunity to step in and make adjustments as necessary.

For Residents:

  • Keeps you connected with your Westport House support team
  • Builds structure and accountability
  • Documents your sobriety on a daily basis

For the Support Team & Family:

  • An effective method of support in the recovery journey
  • Helps rebuild trust with family and employers
  • Provides peace-of-mind

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