Not all Sober Houses Are Created Equal

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Sober living houses are not regulated in the same way that other treatment facilities are by guidelines. Consequently, there is a range of quality of care offered in sober houses throughout Connecticut and the country that requires those seeking a safe intervention to really do their homework before moving in. At Westport Sober House, we can help you know what questions to ask and what to look for in a sober house wherever you live.

Some sober houses are resident-run. Peer-to-peer accountability and responsibility to the house itself is the approach and culture created. This is a riskier environment for those within the first year of recovery, and especially those in the early part of adulthood (age 18-30). These kinds of sober houses are often less costly financially but really only suitable for those who have a strong sobriety network outside of the home and at least a year of working a recovery program.

There are substance recovery houses that have a live-in House Manager who has had many years of sobriety. This person takes on the role of managing not only household needs but also monitoring the sobriety of residents. The House Manager will possibly have a weekly house meeting and possibly do random drug testing to assure abstinence. There is often no structure beyond this in some of these sober houses. Again, not recommended for someone who is younger and newer to recovery.

At Westport House you have an entire staff team that rotates with a constant presence and availability for support. It is a high-quality home-like environment with emotional and physical structure to each day for each resident in a customized manner. There are schedules, expectations, and therapeutic opportunities built-in to the rent.

A recovery house that is best for a young adult who is finding his footing in recovery will offer educational resources, career development, clinical support, personal interest activities, drug testing, curfews, productivity measures, and involvement in a 12-step support community.

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