Next Westport House “Family Matters” Workshop: Sunday May 31st @ 11:00am

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Westport House Family Services presents Family Matters Workshop II: a lecture/workshop series for Westport Sober House families

At Westport House, we recognize that when a young man is struggling with an addiction, his family members are considerably affected as well. For this reason, and to ensure the overall success of our residents, we believe that family involvement is critical to the recovery process. Westport House is pleased to announce that our next Family Matters Workshop is scheduled for Sunday, May 31st from 11:00am to 1:00pm at our Fragrant Pines location.

Authored and facilitated by noted addictions expert, Ava Diamond, LCSW, “Family Matters” is a three-part workshop designed to assist residents and family members in identifying problems that have had significant impact on the family system. Additionally, this workshop series will work to change attitudes and, ultimately, behaviors between family members and residents, as well as clarify their role as healthy, supportive figures. Held one Sunday each month, each workshop will focus on a specific stage of family recovery. This is the second workshop in the series and is titled: What “Disengaging with Love” Really Means.

Topics include:

  • Reshaping roles in a new stage of life
  • Building resilience to foster the launching of young adult children
  • Accountability practices for parents and the young adult child

With the aid of handouts, lecture and group exercises, family members learn that they can’t control addiction, they didn’t cause addiction, and they can’t cure addiction. They can however identify new, healthy ways of coping with the addiction and develop strategies that best support their loved ones recovery.

Registration Information

The Family Matters Workshop Series is included in the cost of the Westport House program (excluding travel and accommodations). Please contact our Dir. of Recovery Services, Greg Gillam, at 203-293-1589 x102 or by email at: to reserve your seat. Registration is limited and we encourage you to make your reservation as soon as possible.

Why Attend?

This powerful workshop series  is designed to promote the well-being of those who care about a young adult with an addiction. Through education and guidance participants learn they can’t control their loved one’s addiction, but they can take responsibility for their own health and happiness.

Who Should Attend

Family members and significant others of Westport House residents, 15 and over, who have been affected by their loved one’s substance abuse.

About Ava Diamond, LCSW

As a Psychotherapist, Professional Athlete, and Mental Fitness Coach, Ava has over two decades of educational and clinical expertise in recovery treatment and family systems. You may contact her directly by email: or by phone at 203.671.4152. You can also visit her website at: