Clinical Program

Westport House delivers all clinical treatment services from our nearby dually licensed outpatient center. Keeping residential life and clinical services separate is preferred, since it provides a separate, safe environment for working through underlying issues.


Individual Therapy

Clients meet weekly with a masters-level therapist specializing in substance use and co-occurring disorders – ensuring core issues are identified and properly addressed.

Medication Management

Our triple board-certified psychiatrist, Michel Mennesson, is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders and the conservative use of medications.

Psychological/Neuropsychological Testing

A standard psychological assessment diagnoses psychiatric conditions. Neuropsychology integrates genetic, developmental, and environmental history with testing data to better understand brain functioning.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Our program provides individual, group, and family therapy. Clients attend groups three days per week for eight to twelve weeks, where they practice coping skills, participate in sober activities, and develop recovery action plans.

Holistic Treatments

Effective addiction treatment should address the entire individual. Holistic treatment services at our outpatient center include yoga, meditation, acupuncture and therapeutic massage.

Family Education

Family education helps families understand the nature of addiction, develop healthy ways to manage anxiety, learn how to grow together, and pursue personal healing.

Social Relationships in Recovery

We teach the skills that our clients need to be able to socialize like “normal young people.”


We recommend Vivitrol when indicated for those with an opioid addiction —always in tandem with comprehensive therapy.

DBT Skills Training

We help clients practice skills aimed at mastering their emotions, managing their interactions with
others, and accepting a certain amount of discomfort in their lives.

Drug Testing & Monitoring

We provide random drug testing to our clients in both our sober living and outpatient settings.

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