For the families of Westport House sober living clients, we offer regular educational workshops and family therapy led by masters-level clinicians specializing in family systems. We also host a popular Fairfield County parents group on Monday evenings at the outpatient center.

We know that this is a difficult time in your family’s journey – a time that is full of questions. It’s likely that your loved one’s inpatient treatment program has recommended a transition to a structured sober living environment upon discharge.

When a young man completes a 30-, 60-, or 90-day drug addiction treatment program, it’s only natural to wish everything could get ‘back to normal’ as quickly as possible. You may wonder why he can’t just come home with you. Believe us when we say our own families had the same questions, the same wishes. But what we’ve come to know – and what’s been proven over and over – is that addiction recovery is a lifelong process. It involves learning (or re-learning) skills of independent sober living, not theoretically, but as practiced in the real world. It means widening our understanding of home, and recognizing that we never go back to normal – we go forward to possibility.

At Westport House, clients learn and practice what it means to be at home in sobriety and health. They have the support of others in recovery who have been where he was and can help him get where he’s going. We’re a place of transition, like any port – a safe harbor that becomes a point of departure. He’ll have just enough structure to give him space to stand on his own, and just enough independence to keep on standing.

In the end, it’s your family member who determines how successful this stage of his recovery will be. We know that our sober living environments work – and gives back as much as or more than clients put into it. Please allow yourself to hope that the young man you love will find his way to health and independence. We share that hope, and we join you in cheering him on.

The Westport House Family Program

Our Family Program is a workshop series designed specifically for Westport House families. It’s held regularly at our outpatient care and training center in downtown Westport. Authored and facilitated by noted addiction and family systems expert, Gregory Koufacos, MA, LCADC, NCRC, this powerful series promotes the well-being of those who care about a young adult with an addiction. Through education and guidance, participants learn that they can’t control their loved one’s addiction, but they can find new, healthy ways of coping.

Greg Koufacos, LCADC

Family Therapist

Greg Koufacos, LCADC

Family Therapist

Gregory Koufacos, MA, LCADC, NCRC is the Director of Family Services at Westport House. In this role, he works closely with the families of our clients, teaching them to support their loved one’s recovery in a healthy manner. He is a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, specializing in family dynamics in the addiction and recovery process. He is a Masters Level counselor, trained at The New School for Social Research in Manhattan.

Having worked with families and individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse diagnoses for over a decade, he brings a wealth of energy and experience to Westport House’s structured and systemic approach to recovery. Gregory is the founder of Eternal Principles Counseling and the LINKT model of clinical coaching.

Families will receive an email every four weeks announcing the date of the upcoming workshop. Family members and significant others of Westport House clients age 15 and over affected by their loved one’s substance abuse should attend.

Each workshop focuses on a specific area of recovery and support. To attend our next workshop, please call us at 888.302.6790 or complete our Contact Form.

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