Our Integrated Services Model

At Westport House, integrated services is a concept merging sober living with elements of outpatient treatment, employment, academics, wellness, and life skills resulting in a proven continuum of supportive transitional living.

  • Our goal is to help you transition back to life with the tools needed to succeed both in the working world and the world of recovery.
  • Integrating back into school during early recovery can be challenging. We offer professional support services to ease the transition.
  • Access to integrated care: outpatient addiction treatment services provided by our team of licensed, highly qualified clinicians.
  • We’re passionate about the mental health benefits of physical fitness and recreation; we believe it’s an essential part of a recovery-focused lifestyle.
  • Practice the basic of self-care, time management, mindfulness and other skills - preparing you for life after sober living.
  • For the families of Westport House sober living clients, we offer regular workshops and programming at our nearby outpatient center.

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