Five Tips for Staying in Recovery during the First Year

In Recovery by westporthouse

They say that if you can work a sober living program and stay sober for the first seven months of recovery then you have the best chances of staying sober for the first seven years of recovery. Why? Think about what happened in the last seven months of your life. How many significant life changes or stressors popped up in that time? Most of us experience at least one. Sober living is all about learning how to live life on life’s terms without drug use. So, if you are like the rest of us you can have some great learning opportunities within the first year of sobriety.

Unfortunately, the reason why most don’t make it past the first seven months without a relapse is simply because they stopped working their sober living program either for a while or for just one day. It is hard to stay consistent with a new way of thinking and acting.

These five sober living tips can help:

  1. Practice using your sober living supports every day in one way or another. Go to meetings, call a sponsor or sober friends, engage in your recovery activities.
  2. Be accountable. Develop an accountability plan (how you let people who love you know where you are and what you are doing; how you stick with a schedule and commitments).
  3. Be humble. Know you are learning about living life in a new way, accept that you are an “infant” in this new life.
  4. Use therapy consistently…even when you think things are just fine.
  5. Ask for help. If you need extra support, let someone know. Increasing meetings, contact with sponsors, more therapy sessions, and possibly a sober living environment will help.

Sober living options, like the Westport House, are designed to support this precious first year of recovery. While you are able to practice living life on life’s terms without drugs or alcohol, you are held to a level of accountability that enhances safety. You are offered experienced support to help you practice new ways of thinking and managing your world. Westport Sober Living House understands that you don’t want to have to do this again. Let us help you make this year your last first year in recovery.